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Typically when someone a customer wants to find a host for a web site they compare prices, services and technologies offered and make a selection, frequently based on disk space and usage bandwidth allowed each month. However, most people need far less storage space and bandwidth than they believe. And they discover that the things they do need - more email addresses, additional databases or ftp accounts, even a shopping cart - come only with additional monthly charges or on a larger hosting plan.


By working with full-service web design companies, those people responsible for the function and operation of corporate web sites, we provide exactly the right storage space, bandwidth and level of technology to meet corporate clients' needs and usually for less than the typical "corporate" hosting account. For example, we don't offer a set number of email boxes. We allow you to host more than one site in one account. We'll even help set up subdomains and parked sites.

By being flexible and configuring each account for each individual client, we keep our costs low and can pass on the savings to our customers.




Ccontact us for more information or to sign up. There are no set-up charges.